My Baby is Here! Dating for Dinner NOW available on Amazon Kindle for 0.99 cents!


As it goes with due dates, this one came a wee bit early, but nonetheless, I am happy to have her!

Without further ado, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my 7th baby: Dating for Dinner….she is NOW on sale for 0.99 cents on Amazon Kindle. I have a feeling this is gonna be a sassy one! Isn’t she gorgeous?

Facebook DD

Every girl has dated for dinner, at least once in her life. A guy you feel luke-warm about asks you to dinner at some fantastic new restaurant that, if you were to go on your own, would put you a month behind in rent. You say yes, because turning down such a gastronomical opportunity, would surely be foolish. The date goes as expected, but the food blows your mind. You never see the guy again, but you always remember the Flaming Flan you had for dessert.

No judgment!

How else is a twenty-something, ambitious, female, paying Manhattan rent, supposed to explore the pricey restaurant scene? Isn’t that why you moved to Manhattan in the first place? Might as well accept a date with a non-axe-murdering guy, and have him pick up the tab. Why not? Everyone does it. Where’s the harm in that?

Perhaps you could even take it one step further…

If you join the website, Dating for Dinner, you not only get a free, fancy meal, but you also get paid One Hundred and Fifty bucks to write a review of your dinner date! It is a literal, win-win situation: free meal, and money in your pocket.

That is, unless you are identical twins, Emma and Ramona McIntyre. Despite sharing a bed and an apartment, they manage to lead completely different lives. Emma is the more laid-back, artistic twin. Ramona is the ambitious, slightly up-tight, bolder twin.

Everything changes, however, when they each decide to join Dating for Dinner, without telling each other.

They both soon learn that dating in Manhattan can be a dangerous thing, when you look exactly like your twin sister.

This is a laugh-out-loud comedy, filled with suspense, intrigue and romance. It is easy to read the entire thing in one sitting. Great for the beach or just a rainy night in!


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