All I Want to be is a HOUSEWIFE!

I know what you’re thinking: all that expensive education down the drain, right?


All those nights that I stayed up studying, and writing papers, for what? To do laundry? To cook dinner? To go back in time to the 1950’s. Indeed, what a waste! It makes you wonder why we ever started educating girls in the first place, doesn’t it?

Well relax! This is just the natural progression of the feminist movement, believe it or not. All that bra burning and marching was so women could have a choice to be whatever they wanted to be. Some chose to become Danica Patrick. Some chose to become CEO of Yahoo. I am a free person, and thusly, free to choose my own future. And I choose to become a housewife!

Not YOU’RE definition of housewife, mine. I read somewhere that being a housewife, was taking on the challenge to make life beautiful for yourself and your family. It sounded so much like an art form, as if, not just anyone could be a housewife. Being a housewife today requires a gentle combination of skill, grace, patience and humor. Certainly the housewives in Jamaica have a different definition. They mainly hire help, do their nails, go to the gym, and have affairs, so I can understand why you are annoyed that I’m even bringing this up, but I want you to know, that’s not what I’m talking about.

For starters, I was being my definition of ‘housewife’ when I designed our apartment. Everything is easy to clean, with floating vanities and L-shaped sofa’s. The custom closets make for easy storage, and the no-threshhold showers allow easy-breezey cleaning throughout both bathrooms. The fact that’s it’s only a 2 bed/ 2 bath, means I don’t require a helper. Between my very modern husband, and myself, we can keep the house in a fairly tidy state, until Friday when our once-a-week cleaner comes in to give everything a good scrub. Then there’s the cooking. Although I don’t cook every night, I do try once or twice a week to create an interesting, ambitious meal, complete with a beautifully set table and dessert. (I’m a housewife-in-training right now, since technically, I’m still working in the bar three nights a week, and in the office 2 days a week). When Matt and I go out, I spend an hour straightening my hair and doing my make-up so I’m not my usual “complete-wreck-self” in public. (Although Matt doesn’t admit I look like a mess half the time, he certainly appreciates when I spend a little time tidying up). I’m trying really, really hard to become a Real Housewife!

However…there is one catch to this housewife thing…

The problem I’m having is finding friends my age with whom I can relate. Somehow, all anyone wants to talk about these days is baby-having or wedding planning. I’m fine with the wedding planning stuff, because I’m so happy for my soon-to-be-married friends, but the baby talk is driving me a bit nutty. You see, Matt and I are not having any babies. Ever. So the fact that all anyone wants to talk about these days is getting pregnant or raising kids, is a little depressing for me. Also, (dum-dum-dum), there is an entire world out there full of issues, and stories and things that would be great for ACTUAL discussion, but nobody is interested in that. The only one who will talk to me about anything interesting is my husband. (So why shouldn’t I spend my time giving him a beautiful life?)

All I’m saying is, don’t knock it before you try it. It’s a brave new frontier out there, people, and you get to do it from the comfort of your home. I can’t think of a better way to spend my day.



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