I’m Still Single At 27…So What?

I’m getting really tired of society trying to enact me into line with it’s archaic rules of conduct. For all the people may age and younger who have gotten married or had a couple babies and are totally happy with their lives, as is, that’s great for you! I harbor no undue malice or bad mind-ness, as Jamaicans say, towards you and your choices in life.

So why, WHY, do you decide to pity me for my life choices?

Yes, I’m twenty-seven and the thought of planning a wedding and receiving tons of money from relative strangers is appealing, but honestly, once I get the money I also get stuck with ONE MAN for the REST OF MY LIFE. I don’t know who I’ll even be when I’m 37…so why should I decide on my mate at 27?

My boyfriend and I have been living together for over two years, and that’s the way I like it right now. Why jump into any big decisions this early? Shouldn’t big, life long, decisions happen when you’re in your thirties? I mean, really, nobody should be legally allowed to make such HUGE decisions before they’er completely functional thirty year old adults.

I mean, I sometimes have trouble deciding what flavor tea to drink or what kinds of pop-tarts to buy. You expect me to decide on a husband? While I’m still eating pop-tarts??

You’re probably wondering, what brought this little rant on? Well I’ll tell you what! Today I got congratulated by a stranger on my marriage.

“Congratultions!” says a stranger to me today.

I’m thinking perhaps he’s congratulating me on my novel, or the fact that Susie’s has been nominated for 7 Food Awards at tonight’s event. So in and effort to clarify what I’m accepting congratulations on, I proceed to ask a qualifying question: what for? His answer is straight out of left field.

“I’m so pleased to hear that you finally got married,” said this audacious stranger.

“Umm…I’m not married,” I say politely, taken a back that such a menial, common event as a marriage would warrant this amount of enthusiasm. I mean, it doesn’t require any talent get married. Jerry Springer contestants do it every day!

“Oh….I thought you’d have gotten married by now….how old are you?” Says the society-pleaser.

“Twenty-seven. Not married, not engaged, no plans to be married or engaged any time soon….” I say, awkwardly.

“Oh, well maybe next year?” The man shrugs with a hint of compassion, clearly placing me in the hopeless pile of his brain.

Now really? What did I do to deserve that, society? Aren’t I trying my best to accomplish my goals in life, last of which is marriage and babies? Isn’t it more important that I become a well-rounded human being before taking the next step towards procreation. Isn’t it more important that I make myself happy before attempting to make someone else happy?

Thank God for Teen Mom. It’s the only thing that cheers me up when I society attacks. Hey, at least I’ve gone this far in life without getting knocked-up…

For similar musings of this ilk, check out my second novel, The New York Catch.


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